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Keynote: The Journey To Visionary Innovation


Growth Thought Leader:Aroop Zutshi, Global President & Managing Partner, Frost & Sullivan

To survive and thrive in the future business environment, both as an individual and as a company, innovation has now become an essential ingredient. In this Keynote, Frost & Sullivan will talk about why innovation is critical to success, where innovation comes from, how to become a visionary innovator and what are your next steps. Whether you are inspired about future prospects or anxious about the negative impacts the future will bring, this research-based talk will bring some valuable insights to your life and future strategy.

Key Take Aways:

  • Why Innovation is essential for all players in the global economy
  • Corporate Enlightenment: What is it and how it can stifle success
  • Where Innovation comes from and how to nurture it
  • How to create a foundation or platform for Innovation
  • What can you do today to start your path to Visionary Innovation
  • How Visionary Innovation can change your life

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